Rolfing Sessions and Rates in Marin County, California

General Goals of Rolfing

The goals of Rolfing® are to bring support, strength, ease, and adaptability to the body. People often have specific areas where they experience chronic or situational discomfort and these areas are usually linked to postural or structural patterns of holding. Katie aims to release these holdings within the context of a global reorganization of the body, resulting in decreased pain and increased function. Additionally, Katie educates her clients from all over Marin County about the ways in which they can incorporate these goals into their daily lives. Whether you’re from Sausalito, San Anselmo, San Rafael, Mill Valley, Novato or Farifax, Katie is eager to help you reframe your body.

Format of the Sessions

Katie's sessions are 90 minutes in length. During that time, she will perform diagnostics and will structurally evaluate her client. The sessions themselves will encompass table, seated, and standing work. 


Individual Rolfing Sessions (90 minutes): $160

Session Packages
5 Rolfing Sessions (5% discount): $760
10 Rolfing Sessions (10% discount): $1440

The Ten-Series

The Ten-Series is a ten session framework that follows a progressive protocol (with each session building on the last) to bring optimal organization to the structure. The first three sessions focus on opening up the more superficial fascial layers that restrict one's structure. Sessions four through seven focus on contacting the deeper "core layers" of the body where structural and postural patterns are held. The last three sessions focus on integrating the entire body and reinforcing the structural changes achieved in the previous sessions.

Katie does work outside the Ten-Series model, offering individualized sessions designed to address specific body pain issues, but recommends that clients receive a minimum of three sessions to achieve more profound and lasting results. 

Rolf Movement

Katie incorporates Rolf Movement instruction throughout her sessions. Rolf Movement is focused on how clients use their bodies throughout their daily activities, such as in walking, sitting, exercising, driving, and working. This heightens clients' internal awareness of their structural patterns and offers clients new ways to use their bodies with enhanced ease and strength. Rolf Movement instruction will build on the structural work performed in the session to increase the effectiveness of the work done on the table.

What to Wear

Rolfing requires clients to walk, move, and participate physically throughout the sessions. 

Women should wear a bra and underwear or exercise shorts for their sessions. Bathing suits also work well. Clothing should not restrict one's ability to move and restrictive sports bras are discouraged for this reason. 

Men should wear boxer shorts or exercise shorts for their sessions. 

What to Do After the Session

It is ideal for clients to take a short walk after their sessions to allow their bodies to integrate the work performed. Clients can resume their daily activities post-sessions but Katie recommends avoiding strenuous work-outs immediately following sessions.

Cancellation Policy

Please contact Katie at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment to cancel.  Full payment will be required for any cancelled or missed appointments with less than a 24-hours notice.