Rolfing in Marin County, California

Welcome to the Rolfing® Structural Integration practice of Katie Flaster.


Katie is a certified Rolfer in Marin County whose hands-on bodywork helps to relieve physical discomfort and enhance structural alignment within the body, reframing it towards balance and ease. Rolfing focuses on identifying fascial restrictions and patterns, understanding how these restrictions and patterns affect the function of the body as a whole, and releasing these to decrease pain and increase function and movement. On a physical level, Katie's work increases support, adaptability, and freedom within the body. On an emotional level, her work calms the nervous system to create a healing environment for the body to release the emotional burdens bound up in our physical tissue. 

Each Rolfing session is 90 minutes in length and is individualized and tailored to the specific needs of the client. Katie's work isn't just structural; she also educates clients about how to move their bodies in ways that offer them better support and fluidity in movement. Katie helps her clients cultivate the strength in their bodies that is rooted in ease.

Many people in Marin County find great relief from the following conditions through Rolfing:
- Back pain
- Neck pain
- Shoulder or knee pain
- Chronic muscle tightness
- Loss of range of motion
- Decreased athletic performance
- Chronic stress

If you suffer from any of the above conditions, are striving for optimal postural alignment, ease in movement, and a sense of well-being, Katie can help.


"Katie's skillful, compassionate, and confident touch has transformed my perception of what bodywork could accomplish." - Lauren V., San Anselmo, CA