Redwood Integrative Bodywork Testimonials

"None of the bodywork I have received from the dozens of therapists and practitioners I have sought out for my back, neck, hip, shoulder and leg problems have been as effective in pain relief, or as long-lasting, as Katie's. Katie's skillful, compassionate, and confident touch has transformed my perception of what bodywork could accomplish. Taking a holistic approach, Katie addresses not only the symptoms, but also the root cause of the pain, focusing on realigning the body and releasing muscular tension. For this reason, Katie's bodywork not only provides immediate relief, it also sticks. She is a master in pain relief and returning the body structure to balance and I strongly recommend her to anyone lucky enough to find her." - Lauren V., San Anselmo, CA

“I want to start by saying that Katie is an amazing bodyworker!  It doesn’t take me long at all to completely relax into her grounded presence and hands. Before Katie worked on me, my entire back was tight and seizing up.  My mobility was extremely limited. After just one session with Katie, I felt much needed relief. At that point I knew I had to schedule weekly appointments with her and I now look forward to each and every one as it has made a tremendous difference in my life!  She asks really good questions and is a great listener, which is super important to me. She is one hundred percent present while working on me. It’s clear she’s one of those people that have found their life’s work in the healing arts as a bodyworker. She is professional, respectful, extremely conscientious and always on time. I feel so blessed to have found her.  I’ll follow her anywhere!” - Tamara L, Woodacre, CA

"Katie is highly intuitive, motivated and holds impeccable integrity and professionalism. I have been struggling with three herniated discs and nerve damage to my legs and ankles, affecting my whole body causing significant pain and spasms. During a flare up, she is the first person I call upon to help me through, and receive relief. By the end of a session with Katie, I’m freed from pain with a deep sense of wellbeing. Katie works with me, not on me, asking questions, listening, sharing her insights, and inviting me into the process of healing and release. Her approach is holistic, integrated and extremely effective. Words cannot express how grateful I am for her sharing her skills and beautiful generous spirit. For all the times that she has granted me relief and freedom from pain and tension. Improving my quality of life and reestablishing faith in my body’s ability to heal." - Francisca S., Berkley, CA

“As a professional working for an International humanitarian organization and long time student of yoga practices in India, I can honestly say from my personal experience of sessions with Katie Flaster that she is a true professional with intuitive listening hands capable of connecting with the health and holism of a person.  Her compassionate nature and innate ability to create a conducive environment for sustainable change in a person is unique in the expanding field of bodyworkers.  Having worked extensively internationally in highly charged contexts and with a personal very physical practice of outdoor activities, I am quite selective as to whom I trust to help me bring my whole-self back to balance. Katie is without hesitation one of those precious individuals.” - Terri K., Human Resources and Logistics Management, Doctors Without Borders, and Masters in Yoga Psychology, Boulder, Co

"I'm a bit of a body work novice. I've had maybe a dozen massages in my life and some PT after injuries, but that's it. Because of this, I didn't know quite what to expect from my time with Katie. I had heard good things about Rolfing and was having pain in my shoulder and arms so I thought I'd give it a try. Well, I can say now, that it was fantastic. Katie is really good at what she does. I would recommend her work to anyone with minor aches and pains all the way to serious physical ailments. She does really good work. Here are some of the things I noticed during my session:
1. After I left, I felt like I could stand up straight with comfort for the first time in a really long time. I often slump over my computer and after my session with Katie, I could actually keep my body posture stable for several days after. 
2. Everything Katie did during the session felt thoughtful and careful. She spent the first 15 minutes or our session doing a full assessment of my posture and body - and it made a real difference. I get nervous when people just start rubbing my back and shoulders without asking me anything or looking at how I stand or walk. I have had some injuries in the past and have been seriously hurt by massage therapists. My experience with Katie was very different.
3. Katie was super mindful about how I was feeling throughout the session. Before we started, she gave me a clear expectation of how much pain or pressure I should expect to feel and gave me explicit instructions about how I could signal to her if I was feeling pain or pressure beyond my comfort level. What a revelation! How many massages have I sat there in horrible pain without being able to express effectively to the therapist that they were hurting me! If only my doctors were so mindful.
4. Katie's office/work space is incredibly conducive to comfort, trust, and relaxation. It light and airy and it smells nice. It's wonderful. There's nothing worse than lying on a massage table in a room with no windows and weird ambient lighting listening to the world's loudest pan flute solo! It was a real relief to be somewhere that actually took the phrase "healing space" seriously. It really makes all the difference." - Erika S., San Francisco, CA